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We help businesses like yours grow their revenues with cloud-based solutions. That means more sales, improved productivity and happier customers.

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Hi, We’re Skyetech

We’re a group of hard working, tech-savvy consultants with a passion for helping businesses like yours make more money with less effort using cloud-based solutions.

We’re big-picture thinkers who see the business before the tech, and we’re always thinking about how we grow our client’s revenues.

(It’s kind of an obsession.)

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We've Seen It All.

  • Our team has been involved in virtually all industry verticals, and we’ve successfully helped grow the revenues of clients ranging from locally owned shops to global Fortune 500 companies.
  • We’ve consulted to clients across the world, from NZ, Australia, India, Japan and South Africa to the United States and Europe.
  • As your partner, all of that experience is put to work for you in ways that make sense for your unique business model, and we’re excited by the challenge of helping you scale your business quickly and efficiently.
  • We’re confident that there’s not a single business we can’t help – including yours.

Find out how much money you’ve been missing out on – and see exactly how we’ll help you grab it.

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We Practice What We Preach.

  • Some consultants just rattle off what they’ve learned in a manual or blindly recommend the latest modules they’ve read about.
  • But we’ve built our entire business on the same solutions we implement for our clients.
  • From our customer service and sales to our finance and marketing, everything we do is completely cloud-based, leveraging the same technologies we help our clients with.
  • We live and breathe this stuff, and we know how to make it work for you.

We're Committed To Your Success.

  • We’re not interested in one-size-fits-all solutions, and we’ve got no interest in selling you modules and processes that won’t make you money.
  • We’re focused on just one thing: Making your business better, faster and more profitable.
  • For those ready to start reaching that potential, we’re a partner you can trust to be there every step of the way.

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