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We help businesses like yours grow their revenues with cloud-based solutions. That means more sales, improved productivity and happier customers.

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What we Do

We’ve Got A Proven Track Record
Boosting Client Revenue

We’re in the business of helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve BIG sales growth – and frankly, we’ll talk about their results to anyone who will listen.

We’ve worked in local and global markets, achieved success for both B2C and B2B business and taken companies from early-stage startups to high-growth poerhouses.

Our team of “mechanics” have worked alongside clients in publishing, hightech software, finance, healthcare – even utilities and manufacturing – with the same end result: tangible, measurable ROI.

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How Do We Do It?

First and foremost, we’re sales & marketing war veterans. We’ve been there, done that – and we apply everything we learned
along the way to benefit your business. Here’s how we work with you:


We’ll learn what your challenges are, define your goals and calculate what you could be earning to work out how quickly we can multiply your returns with


We give you three roadmap options: Conservative (slow and steady), moderately aggressive (speed and results) and sales superstar (jet fuel and huge repeatable sales).


With the plan in place, we go hands-on to get your business set up on the platform, configuring all the functions to be a perfect fit for the way you do business.


We bring your entire team up to speed, training end-users to make sure everyone is comfortable with the platform and ready to roll as quickly as possible.

From there on out, we’re your long-term partner, there to celebrate your successes and support your business as you continue to grow.

Find out how much money you’ve been missing out on – and see exactly how we’ll help you grab it.

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We’re The Right Partner For You If…

  • You’re not interested in wasting money on another “best technology” trend and you’re only interested in tools that put cash in your pocket
  • You want real, useful insights into how your business could be growing faster and recommendations that you can actually use
  • You want to retain your best staff and empower them with cutting-edge tools that make the sales process faster, easier and more transparent
  • You want to leave your customers totally delighted at every stage of the funnel and need right tools to see where customer relationships can be improved
  • You want a long-term partner who will jump to support you as you grow and who is as passionate about seeing your business succeed as you are
  • You’re tired of hunting for solutions or combing through consultants who drown you in jargon instead of delivering what you really need: more sales!

We live and breathe technology trends – but you shouldn’t have to.

We take care of all the hard research and testing, then translate it into a solution that’s right for your business to bring you a stress-free, done-for-you service that’s built around your goals and designed to deliver.

Marketing Automation

Whether building loyalty, communities or a sales pipeline, marketing automation allows you to have meaningful conversations at scale. Reach, relevance and tangible results are what Skyetech enables. We are uniquely positioned to help clients unlock the value of the data in their CRM systems and to maximise their investment in marketing automation. Our clients can be safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with a provider who understands both the marketing and technology aspects of these solutions.

Mobile Application

Mobility is the future of the workplace and we can help you gear up. Many enterprise clients are challenged by the need to provide mobile offerings to their employees and customers. Skyetech builds bespoke mobile applications for businesses in New Zealand through our dedicated in-house mobile development team. Our mobile application solutions are currently in the hands of employees across multiple industries allowing them to perform their daily tasks while keeping them engaged and enabling them to collaborate with each other from anywhere.


Why Skyetech Solution

Whether it’s scaling your business for an influx of new customers, introducing innovative new technology, or making changes to your current business model, high quality systems integration is essential. You can experience a swift reduction in processes and manual activity, and allow for complete flexibility as your organisation moves forward.

Fronde is trusted by businesses and government to design, build and implement high quality business solutions for mission-critical services. Our industry knowledge and experience is critical to our reputation for creating innovative solutions for business challenges.

Over the past 22 years we have designed and built systems which run the power grid, provide traceability of meat exports and monitor attendance and performance of early childhood centres. These are just a few examples of the projects we have undertaken, and we have many more to share.

Our clients recognise our agile approach to solution creation, where the outcome is always at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on being good to work with, honest and pragmatic.

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